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Your Partner in
Guest Experience

We focus on elevating the patron experience using the Kingsmen hospitality system that ensures our staff are trained, uniformed, and eager to assist your guests as they arrive.

We recognize that our city’s discerning clientele are accustom to, and demanding of, extended services such as valet that enrich their experience. Trust Kingsmen to keep your guests on time for their event of reservation and delighted by there first impression of your establishment.

Offering Complete Turn-Key Valet Packages

Full time Part time special event basis


  • Drivers have a minimum of 1 year valet and customer expereince
  • Fully trained, tested, licensed and insured

driver pool

  • Weekly spots checks and mystery shops
  • Monthly key performance indicators meetings

customizable shop
& uniform options

  • Professional valet equiment and signage
  • State-of-the-art full automation options

restaurant services

  • House car service
  • Designated driver services
  • Special event valet support